שילוב מכון לטיפול משפחתי וזוגי

The Nitsanim Program


Therapy for families with young children ages 0-9.

Infants and young children who experience trauma or family stress may not be seen as “needing” therapy.  Many people believe that very young children “don’t remember” or “are unaffected” by what is happening around them.  Research and experience have proven that this is a false and potentially dangerous assumption.  We now know that early intervention can help solve current problems and prevent problems in the future.
In the Nitsanim Program, children with social, emotional and behavioral problems arising from trauma, family stress, or developmental issues receive a thorough and therapeutic family-based, child-focused assessment.  The therapist and parents then collaborate to create a treatment plan that will best meet the family’s needs. Our approach empowers parents and fosters stronger child-parent bonds and relationships through play, parent support, and child-parent/family work as appropriate.
If you have concerns about your young child, please call our office and we will help match you with a Nitsanim therapist.