שילוב מכון לטיפול משפחתי וזוגי

Therapy and Support during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood

The trauma unit at the Shiluv Institute is offering a new service: therapy and support during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. The arrival of a new baby is a fundamental event in the development of a family, whether it’s a first baby of new parents or an additional baby in a growing family. Along with the welcome happiness and excitement, difficulties, tensions and fears may appear. These can be connected to the pregnancy and birth, as well as to the beginning of a new stage in the life cycle. The pregnancy and approaching birth can bring up difficult memories of traumatic experiences from previous births, miscarriages, medical procedures and everything associated with them. The concern for the health of the mother and baby can leave its mark and raise the level of stress and anxiety. The implications of these events for the couple relationship and the family are significant and need to be related to appropriately.

We are able to offer a focused and professional intervention which relates to the full range of issues involved, beginning with pregnancy and continuing through birth and the adjustment to parenthood.
The therapists of the trauma unit are certified family therapists who combine various therapeutic modalities in their work, primarily EMDR.