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Donation to The Institute

Machon Shiluv provides families with a high level of professional care, irrespective of their financial resources. Families that are unable to afford the costs of psychotherapy, which are preset at the low end, are subsidized on a sliding scale. Annually, the expense of providing highly subsidized treatment to hundreds of families exceeds the funding received in fees and donations.

We turn to you to partner with Machon Shiluv to maintain these vital programs. Most of the population that we serve are economically distressed or barely within the range of average income. Your support will help keep these families afloat until they are better able to rely on their own resources. The following are ways to participate:

• Financial support of either the trauma, incest or mediation units.

• “Adoption” of a family in need by supporting their therapy.

• Support of any of Machon Shiluv’s special projects which would be launched by mutual agreement. N.B. Donations to Machon Shiluv are recognized by the tax authority under paragraph. We fall under the tax deduction provision for professional institutions. Machon Shiluv maintains certification as a bona fide non-profit institution.

For donation please contact us at: 02-6251390 or by email: shiluvft1@gmail.com