שילוב מכון לטיפול משפחתי וזוגי

Family therapy

The family is the primary and most important framework in the life of the child, the adolescent, and the adult, and must deal with the most significant tasks and challenges of the life cycle.

The family is the most important resource available to the individual in dealing with emotional, physical and social difficulties, but can also be a source of conflict, frustration, and disappointment. Problematic patterns of communication and behavior as well as interpersonal difficulties can negatively affect the functioning of the family as a whole as well as the functioning of each member of the family.

Family therapy is based on the understanding that many problems can be solved through changes in the patterns of interaction within the family. It enlists the entire family in solving problems that can appear in one family member or more, but affect the family as a whole. In order to solve problems, the members of the family work together.

The family and the therapist together identify patterns of communication, beliefs, family relationships from the past, and various means of coping. The various points of view as well as the difficulties of each family member are taken into account.