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Divorce Mediation unit

Divorce Mediation

Director – Moshe Erlendur Okon

Shiluv’s Divorce Mediation Unit has been operating for over a decade and has gathered much experience. The unit combines professionals from the fields of law, mediation and therapy. Among the activities of the unit are:

• Drawing up financial marital agreements, prenuptial agreements and common law marriage agreements;

• Drawing up agreements for temporary separation and resolving the legal financial issues arising from the separation;

• Drawing up divorce agreements including parental issues, property division and others – these agreements can be ratified by Family Court or the Rabbinical Court and be granted the validity of a court ruling;

• Drawing up agreements regarding time sharing with children after a separation or divorce, when changes occur in the life circumstances of the parents or the children;

• Assistance and consultation regarding other family disputes, e.g. inheritance issues, caring for elderly parents etc;

• Holding workshops and courses both at the institute and elsewhere dealing with family law and mediation, including a basic course in mediation and commissioned workshops.

For details, Moshe Erlendur Okon – Mediation Unit Email: shiluv.mediation@gmail.com, Tel: 02-5631247