שילוב מכון לטיפול משפחתי וזוגי

About us

Machon Shiluv for couples and family therapy was founded in Jerusalem forty six years ago. From its inception, the goal was to deliver expert care to families and couples in emotional crisis. Machon Shiluv was created to provide coping skills and support to couples and families from every strata of society, regardless of their economic status. The institute brings together 25 experienced professionals who are experts in family and couple therapy. Members of our staff are all recognized leaders in the field.

In the course of the year, the staff at The Institute treats hundreds of couples and families. Over the years, our staff has amassed much therapeutic experience.

Generally speaking, the couples and families who seek out our help face pressures and crises that emanate from a variety of sources, such as, severe financial pressure trauma, complications resulting from illness, children who have special needs, and difficult marital issues. Sometimes these crises arise due to normative pressures that simply overwhelm the families’ existing coping skills. In such cases, the families’ inability to cope can result in an inability to carry out daily functions. Operating from a “systems approach” allows the staff at Shiluv to attend to different ways that each family member is affected. This approach to the process of psychotherapy emphasizes the belief that the family unit possesses the necessary strength and emotional resources to improve their circumstances. Within this view, the task of the therapist is to help the family/couple discover those hidden resources.

We believe that the inclusive aspects of “systems approach” to marital and family therapy allows each member of a couple or family to acquire necessary tools that improve his/her quality of life.

In the course of Shiluv development, we have grown to include specialized services such as treatment of trauma and incest, as well as a new mediation program.

In addition, Machon Shiluv operates a professional education program that prepares students who hope to specialze and develop skills in the field of couples and family therapy.

Shiluv board of directors

The Board of Directors of Machon Shiluv is dedicated to making the vision of our institute become a reality. The board determines the policies and directs Shiluv’s organizational structure. Members of the board participate on volunteer basis.

Hannah Ascheim is presently Editor-in-Chief of the D.K. Graube Publishing House, in Jerusalem, which specializes in Art and Classics. In the past, she worked in public relations and managed a cultural center in Jerusalem, while continuing her work as an editor.

Andi Arnovitz  is an artist, who worked for many years in graphic design and advertising. She and her family made aliyah from the U.S. in 1999.

Aviva Goldberg is a social worker and director of the Department for the Aged in the welfare branch of Community Services in the JerusalemMunicipality. Prior to her current appointment, she directed the southern and western welfare bureaus-a total of twelve services.

Dr. Flor Guttman  Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, certified family therapist and supervisor, sand tray therapist.
Her residency in psychiatry was at the Talbiyeh Mental Health Center in Jerusalem where she founded and directed the Adult Day Care Unit until 2014.
Over the years, she fulfilled different teaching and supervisory roles at the Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem.
She served as a consultant to the psychological treatment center of Youth Aliyah, supervised groups of family physicians, and provided psychiatric services to community health clinics and to the women’s clinic of the Clalit HMO in Jerusalem.
She has led workshops in family therapy related to mental illness within families and to cultural factors which contribute to illness. Between 1997-1998, she served as a member of the professional training committee of the Association of Couple and Family Therapy.
Since 2005 she has been a board member at “Shiluv” Institute.

Amnon Herzig Chair of Shiluv’s Board of Directors. Formerly of the governing board of Bank Hapoalim. Today he is CEO and partner in “Fifty plus”, a company that provides financial, insurance, cultural, travel and health services for professional men and women.

Anita Bardin M.S.W. ColumbiaUniversity – was Shiluv’s director for over 20 years, guiding it through its development and growth. She is a certified family and couple therapist in both Israel and the U.S, and a certified family therapy supervisor. She teaches new supervisors in the Course for Advanced Psychotherapy at the HebrewUniversity. At Shiluv, Anita has supervised in the 3-year intensive family therapy course. She specializes in work with adolescents and couples, and has become a certified therapist in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and is a member of the Trauma Unit.

Ronit Abramson a lawyer specializing in corporate law, banking and the stock market. She is on the board of Migdal Insurance Co. and Migdal Securities and also of several other non-profit organizations. In the past, she held senior position in the Ministry of Finance and was an executive member and chief legal adviser of Bank Discount

Naomi Schocken Landau has a master’s degree in library science and is in charge of readers’ guidance in the social sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Honorary Members

Israel W. Charny  is a Professor of Psychology and Family Therapy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he founded and was the first director of the Program for Advanced Studies in Integrative Psychotherapy, co-sponsored by the Department of Psychology and the Buber-MagidCenter for Continuing Education. He is also Executive Director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem. Dr. Charny was one of the founders of the Israel Association for Family and Marital Therapy.

Itzhak Levav  is a Psychiatrist who is presently the Adviser in Research to the Ministry of Health.He is also an Adjunct Professor of QueensUniversity in Canada and an Associate of Johns Hopkins University. Itzhak is the former Chair of Shiluv’s Board of Directors.

Alisa Poskanser worked in Youth Aliyah as a senior social worker and supervised social workers in the treatment clinics. She was responsible for developing special projects for Ethiopian immigrants. She is the author of Ethiopian Exodus, which was published in 2000 by Gefen Publishing House.

Pinhas Rosenfeld holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and was the former Assistant Regional Director of the New York State Mental Health Department. After moving to Israel in 1991, he worked for several years in the Ministry of Health’s department of mental health.

Controls Committee

Eitan Green is director of the non-profit organization, “Maimon’s Volunteers/” He runs the Kibbutz Tsuba winery, is a member of the kibbutz and recently was the secretary of the community.

Richard Laster is a lawyer in private practice and professor of environmental law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.