שילוב מכון לטיפול משפחתי וזוגי

About Couple Therapy

The couple relationship has fascinated and puzzled poets, philosophers, writers, and clergymen, as well humanity in general for countless generations. It unleashes powerful feelings, longings and disappointments while at the same time confronting the members of the couple with the need to cope together with the challenges and difficulties of everyday life. In Israel’s simultaneously traditional and post-modern society, the expectations that couples have from their relationship are often confused and confusing and can result in conflicts and frustration. Couples turn to therapy because of difficulties in communication (frequent arguments, uncomfortable silences, never-ending discussions), conflicts around specific issues (raising the children, relations with the extended family, finances, sexuality), feelings of distance and difficulties in creating intimacy, and crises (affairs, threat of divorce, personal crises, etc.).

In the initial phase of the therapy, the couple therapist will act to create a safe place in which both members of the couple can present themselves, their strengths and their difficulties, both as a couple and as individuals, as well as their aspirations for their life together. The therapist will learn together with the couple about patterns of communication and interaction between them. He or she will take an interest in the stage of the couple’s development and its significance for each of them. The therapist will also explore the emotional baggage that each member of the couple is carrying and its significance for their relationship. All of this in order to create a more secure base, both for dealing better with difficulties,  as well as for renewal and a more satisfying couple relationship.